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Custom Rings Gallery

Each of these rings is a bespoke piece, meticulously crafted to match our customers' unique specifications. Explore the artistry and precision that goes into creating these personalized treasures.

General FAQ's

Will you clean my ring?

Absolutely! There's no charge for an ultrasonic and steam clean. If you need additional cleaning or polishing, we'll go over your options and discuss pricing with you based on the condition of your ring. We recommend having your ring professionally cleaned & checked at least twice a year to help prevent problems and maintain the longevity and beauty of the piece. If you have diamonds that fall out of your ring when in our ultrasonic, we will charge you to re-set them. Prior to cleaning, we will alert you of any stones that appear at risk for falling out.

Do you repair broken jewelry?

Yes! Please bring your items to our studio in Cedar Falls. One of our trained team members will assess your item(s) in need of repair, and provide an estimate to complete repair. Generally, repairs are completed in less than one week, but may vary depending on complexity of repair needed.

Do you offer appraisals?

Yes, we offer complimentary insurance appraisals with the items we sell.

My ring doesn't fit. What should I do?

The first sizing on any ring purchased at Alloy is complimentary. Depending on the style, width, stones, material and size adjustment, there will be a charge for any additional size alterations.

Do you work with watches? 

Yes, we offer limited watch services. Our expertise includes changing watch batteries, replacing crystals, and shortening watch bands. Please note that our services are specific and may have some limitations. If you have specific inquiries about your watch, feel free to contact us for more information.

The finish on my ring worn off? Can you fix it?

Don't be alarmed. It is normal for sandblasted, hammered, polished and other surface finishes to wear off over time. We can re-fresh your ring as needed, and typically provide refinishing once annually for rings purchased at Alloy Custom Jewelers.

Do you buy old jewelry?

Sometimes! In alignment with our sustainability and ethics policy we will purchase previously worn gold jewelry. All items are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Custom Jewelry FAQ's

I have old jewelry I no longer wear. Can you use components of my old jewelry in a new custom design?

Absolutely. We excel at redesigning your old jewelry into something that aligns with your personal style. Book a consultation with our designer to get started today.

How long does the custom design process take?

Typically, a custom piece takes us 6-8 weeks to complete. Our process is very thorough as we want you to have a good sense of what your finished piece will look like before it's complete. We do this with virtual pictures and physical models that allow you to envision the final piece. If you are in need of something faster than this, we are open minded and willing to help if we can.

Can you use my diamond in a custom ring?

Yes. We need to inspect each diamond for chips / cracks before we can determine if we can set it. We will set your diamond as long as you assume the risk (which is minimal).

I live out of town, can I still have custom jewelry made?

Absolutely!  We guide our long distance clients through their custom projects with detailed and thorough emails, videos, calls, and texts.  We are experts in this realm and truly love it.  The best way to start a project is to book a design consultation, and we'll take it from there!