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Our Story

Alloy Custom Jewelers comprises a collaborative of designers, goldsmiths, and skilled professionals operating from our workshop and retail showroom situated in Cedar Falls, IA.

We are grateful that generations families consider the Susong Family their family jeweler. Our owner, Aram Susong, a third-generation jeweler, has meticulously crafted thousands of custom pieces of heirloom quality, establishing himself as a leading bespoke jeweler. In 2023, we broadened our offerings to include original ready-to-wear collections and limited-run capsule collections. Whether you've been a lifelong enthusiast of designs by Aram or are savoring your first piece, we offer something distinctive and meaningful to either complement or initiate your jewelry collection.

Beyond our in-house designs, our enduring partnerships with artisans and small workshops worldwide enable us to curate additional mini collections that harmonize with our aesthetic. We're excited to showcase this artistic collaboration alongside our own creations.

While our designs and craftsmanship stand out, our true hallmark lies in our attentive service and the devoted following we've cultivated. Essentially, if you know, you know. Every day, we strive to offer our guests the very best of ourselves, providing an authentic, old-school custom service experience.